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Friday, March 20, 2009

Light Series 4

Ceramic Metal Halide

Illuminated by 150W ceramic discharge metal halide lamps, the central courtyard over the parking facility is intersected by suspended bridges and stairs that connect the building's laboratory and classroom spaces. (

Cold- Cathode Lighting

Solid State Lighting

Solid state lighting (SSL) point to a kind of light source that make use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), or polymer light-emitting diodes (PLED) as sources of illumination instead of the electrical filaments or gas, which are used by incandescent, fluorescent, noble gas, or chemical lamp. SSL outshines traditional lighting system as it generates visible light with abridged heat generation. (

Halogen Light

Halogen Track Lighting in the bathroom

Fluorescent Lighting

Abundant fluorescent lighting is provided in this kitchen, both over the sink and over the stove area. The lighting over the stove is custom built and has several fluorescent fixtures that are obscured behind an architecturally correct panel. They produce direct downwards light for the counter and indirect light for the remainder of the kitchen.

Electrodeless Lighting

Electrode-less High Performance lamps are installed in the underground station.
In this high-performance fluorescent lamp the discharge needed to generate light does not take place between two electrodes, as in a conventional fluorescent lamp, but in a closed ring which has no beginning and no end. The energy is injected from outside via two ferrite rings by means of magnetic fields.

Daylight Model

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Light Series 3

Grocery Store

In terms of lighting, certain areas within the grocery store is brighter than others.
Dimmer lights are used in areas where there is alcoholic beverages. But overall the lighting is pretty bright. Under the light the samples look as there is a sheen to them.

My Residence

In this type of lighting it makes my fabric choices seem dull. The lighting in this space is one fluorescent light.

Retail Store

The Library

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Light Series 2

Art Museum Visit : Weatherspoon Art Museum

Summary of Illumination: In reference to Weatherspoon in the specific area I photographed in the first two photos are appropriate for that specific space. The only illumination present in the hallway is that of wall sconces. The purpose of the wall sconces is to create a subtle tone. While this is an art museum controlled lighting is most important for all those who come into the space get a different experience within certain areas. The minimal lighting sort of gives this notion of curiosity of the actually artwork itself. The sconces create a wash of light on the wall itself.

Problems: There is a glare that appears to be seen on the floor created by the lights but it doesn’t seem to create a problem. The only problem I can see occurring is if someone was trying to read or take notes within that particular area. Wall sconces are not good sources of light for seeing to perform a certain task. It is pleasing to the eye as well as creates a calming atmosphere.

Restaurant: Starbucks

Summary Of Illumination: Starbucks has a combination of recessed and dropped sparkle lighting. The sparkle lighting is there to create a welcoming environment. It makes customers comfortable and want to interact in the space. In relation to the bar the sparkle light is low enough for people who sit there wanting to read.

Recommendations For Lighting: Essentially if a customer were to sit directly at the bar, they would have adequate amount of light for reading. As well as adequate light for workers to do their tasks.

Retail Store: DSW

Summary of Illumination: This particular shoe store is brightly lit with fluorescent lights hanging above each isle. Halogen track lights are used to emphasize merchandise.Sparkle lighting is used as a decorative feature within the store.

Light Model Poster

Monday, February 23, 2009

Light Sketch Series 1: Feb 14th

It is interesting to note the change in light and brightness of light in the same space. A simple movement or angling of camera can create this. Keeping the flash on my camera and in a brightly lit area within this space creates an extension of illumination on the frosted glass.